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Cloud Benefits

Cloud accelerates your business by allowing you to transform ideas into marketable products and services with greater speed. Cloud can provide nearly limitless scalability, enabling your business to grow with time and resource intensive IT build-outs. Cloud transforms the economics of IT from capital-intensive to pay-as-you-go. Service level agreements guarantee the capability you need, when … Continue reading

Cloud Deployment Models

Private clouds are operated solely for one organization. They may be managed by the organization itself or by a third party and they may exist on premises or off. Public clouds are open to the general public or a large industry group and are owned and managed by a Cloud services provider. Hybrid clouds combine … Continue reading

Cloud Service Models

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides users with processing storage networks and other computing infrastructure resources. The user does not manage or control the infrastructure. but has control over operating systems, applications and programming frameworks Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables users to deploy applications developed using specified programming languages or frameworks and tools onto … Continue reading

The power of Cloud

We live in a more connected and fast-moving world than ever before Small startups overtake established incumbents to dominate their markets with increasing speed. Developing countries leapfrog massive landline investments and jump straight to mobile communications. While our growing interconnectedness bring marry benefits it also means greater vulnerability and a heightened sensitivity to risk Increasingly … Continue reading

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