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Hybrid Cloud Service from Media Firms

Customer use Case #1


  • The media distribution landscape is rapidly changing from silos of distribution (e.g. cable broadcast, retail) to multi-channel or digital distribution
  • Content creators perceive several danger in digital media: Piracy, loss of control or direct relationships, and disinter-mediation.
  • Content creators also see opportunity in real time media consumption data integrated across distributors channels and devices.


  • A Cloud-based “ content registry” that manages content access rights across users, content creators, distributors, and devices offers several bentefits
  • For end-consumers, the registry enables convenience, personalization, and devices offers several benefits
  • Content creators and other providers of the registry can  take advantage of new business models based on real-time data, personalization, and targeting
  • The registry would drive incremental media purchases and greater consumption with “future-proofed” and protected content assets, enhanced discovery, and more powerful recommendation engines


  • A “content registry” requires significant coordination within the media industry (e.g. agreement on common limits to each consumption model/rules of content use)
  • The rights of both the content creators and the end-consumers must be protected in terms of how heir respective dat is accessed, protected, and used


  • Long tradition of partnering and adding value to industries in disruption
  • Complementary offerings to support differentiated needs of media companies and service providers
  • Demonstrated technology to support key consumption and service provides
  • Service provider relationships and footprint to enable broad device and data management

Krishnahosting stands for choice. Our architecture provides the most flexible, regardless of how our customers choose to deploy, consume. or integrate their applications. Our data center architecture supports bare metal deployments, virtualization, and private, hybrid, and public clouds all on top the same technology foundation. Similarly, our collaborations offer the same rich user experience, regardless of deployment through a private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Our IT platform supports the highest levels of backwards compatibility and heterogeneity across infrastructure, applications, and services. Our infrastructure supports Cloud and traditional IT deployments concurrently and integrates with existing systems management stacks. This means that customers can adopt Cloud at their own pace, with a more controlled and pragmatic approach.

To be sure, proprietary technologies have their place and can deliver value, but at our cloud network we are fundamentally committed to open standards. As open approach fosters innovation at all levels in the stack, enables customers to combine “best of breed” technologies to deliver against their unique needs, and mitigates the risk of vendor lock-in. working with our partners and customers, we are creating the required instrumentation and standards that power public, private, and hybrid cloud.

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