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New gTLDs

Vanity plates on the Internet

ICANN has finally opened the gates to hundreds of new gTLDs. While the one you want might not be available at the moment, it won’t long before it will be

Getting vanity plates for vehicles is something we Indians don’t get to experience. There are VIP numbers which cost an awful lot of dotxyz_btnmoney and we’ve read about special plates going for as high as Rs.17 Lakh if more than one person bids for it. While vanity number plates may continue to be a dream for the average person, a vanity domain name may not be, ICANN (Internet corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers), the authority on everything related to domains and the registrars that maintain them had only 22 TLDs (Top Level Domains) available till now. So everyone had to stick to a .com or .net or any of the 20 other domains available. Now that the plan for implementing gTLDs has finally come to fruition, we are  going to see some creative new names arising.



What’s a gTLDs ?

gTLD stands for Generic Top Level Domain. So instead of a .com or a .in you’ll now be able to apply for a .personal a .enterprises URL. ICANN is in the process of allowing companies to come forth and apply for new gTLDs. There is a grueling evaluation session in the process to check for popularity and feasibility before they approve a new gTLD and assign a registrar to manage the same. The entire process can take two or more years and this began back in 2011 sodotink_btn now we are about to see the launch of these new gTLDs to choose from. Think about in this manner, what if you could have a new gTLD just for your industry. If you’re into landscaping and your company is named Triksy’s then you could have a domain name as “tricksys gardens” or if you have a restaurant then you could have a domain “yourrestaurantname.menu” which would take people directly to a menu page and have the option to order from there. Now think if there are restaurant all over the city and everyone decides t buy a. menu domain, looking up any restaurant’s menu is all about typing the name of the restaurant and then adding. menu at the end. The same goes on for the hundreds of different industries out there. The possibilities are numerous. The image on the right gives to a little list of all the new gTLDs available along with the rates they are selling for.

What’s in it for you?

1. A plethora of option

Till now there have only been 25 gTLDs but by the end of this year you will have hundreds to pick from. You will have gTLDs suited for4 your business that makes it every the more options the competition between the registrars that manage the gTLDs increases. This means you get cheaper domain names after the initial period. Also, if that URL you always wanted was taken then this is the chance to buy one with a gTLD suited for your business. This makes for a better URL than a normal.com or .net.

2. Brand recall

Like we said, it becomes easier to remember a URL with a multitude of choices. If you own a resort then a prospective patron could simply type your resort’s name and then add .resort to the end of it to land on your web page, i.e. if you’ve bothered to buy the domain.

3. Prevent squatting

With the introduction of more gTLDs comes the prospect of more and more scamsters  hoping to swoop in on your brand name and buy a domain. Squatting is usually followed by offers to sell the domain for a ridiculous price. With the introduction of the new gTLDs. ICANN introduced the Trademark clearing house (TMCH) which helps brands who have already registered a certain brand name as a trademark to stake their claims to all URLs featuring the new gTLDs. We’ll go into the mechanics of this system in the coming paragraphs.

4. Easy to search for  300x250domsearch

With all these new gTLDs comes the possibility that search engines could soon gear up to specifically search in certain gTLDs. So even if a propective visitor does not remember your URL in its entirety, typing in a partial name affixed with the right gTLD for your site. This feature is speculative at the moment but we do see promise in such a feature.

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