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New gTLDs – 2

When can you get your domain on the new gTLD?

The entire process for a new gTLD takes a few years but you aredotwiki_btn given multiple avenues along the process to get your domain registered. Let’s look at the process. A registrar applies for a new gTLD based on market research for popular terms. This application period is about three months long, then comes the who process of evaluation of the said application which in turn takes up most of the time in the approval process. Once evaluation and authorised, a registrar is picked to managed the gTLD (usually  the applicant). After this step the registrar opens the gTLD to the clearing house.


The Trademark clearinghouse (TMCH) is an authority that coordinates with trademark offices across the globe and verifies the trademark rights obtained by a company. The TMCH gives brands a single point of access for the companies to register URLs on the new gTLDs . If a brand owns a particular trademark then that particular brand is given the first chance to register the URL. This opportunity lasts for sixty days and is termed as the sunrise phase. After the sunrise phase, if the company doesn’t register the URLsun-rise then the URL will be passed on to the general public but the pricing of the domain depends on the number of people contesting the URL. If two or more people contest the URL in the 30 day period an auction will be held between all contesting parties and the winner walks away with the URL. This period is called the Landrush period. You can pre-book domains which is what makes you a contender in the Landrush period. There are different hierarchies in pre-booking which allows for those who pay a premium to get ahead of the line.

The last period is when the URL is opened to the general public on a first come first serve basis. Anyone visiting any registrar can now register a URL without the need  for having registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

What’s it going to cost me?   domain-for-sale

This comes down to which period are you hoping to buy your domain. The sunrise period will be the most expensive in this regards since you get to buy domains across every new gTLD that gets accepted. So each new gTLD will add to your expense. Then if you are interested in the Landrush phase  then it comes down to a possible auction if more than one party applies for the same domain and this might end up costing more if you go in for buying a domain on every new gTLD. The last phase is when you get it for the cheapest but then again, if the gTLD is popular and the domain name you are applying for is also popular then in all likelihood you might and end up missing on getting the domain that you wanted. Some of domains aren’t cheap compared to the normal .com  and .net domains. Registering a .recipes domain will set you back by $42.85 while those in the adult business looking for a .xxx domain need to shell out $ 91.59. It’s a small price to pay to get a better reach for your business and being a SOHO these should help you out.

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