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Hybrid Cloud Service from Media Firms

Customer use Case #1 SITUATION The media distribution landscape is rapidly changing from silos of distribution (e.g. cable broadcast, retail) to multi-channel or digital distribution Content creators perceive several danger in digital media: Piracy, loss of control or direct relationships, and disinter-mediation. Content creators also see opportunity in real time media consumption data integrated across distributors … Continue reading

Krishna Hosting Cloud Role

Krishna Hosting is committed to delivering on the promise of Cloud.  Our view in Cloud is broad in scope: we take a systems and architectural approach that builds upon the network-centric nature of Cloud. We are working in partnership with private and public Cloud providers as they build and operate Cloud services. We participate directly … Continue reading

BELIEF #4: Innovation will flourish across IT industry

A wide range of players must work in concert to deliver on the promise of Cloud, Substantial opportunities for innovation and value creation exist at all levels of the stack, from data center design to foundational systems to end-user applications to business processes. Example “hot spots” of technology innovation include extended memory in servers, cache-enabling … Continue reading

BELIEF #3: Multiple approaches are required to accommodate diverse customer objectives

There is no single journey to Cloud, but rather a wide variety of entrance ramps and paths. On the demands side, organizations have different starting points and different objectives. On the supply side, service providers will seek to differentiate their offers. Regulatory regimes across different geographies will impose different constraints around data and transport. Cloud … Continue reading

BELIEF #2: The Network Platforms is required to deliver on the full promised of Cloud

Krishnahosting believes the network platform is a foundational component of Cloud, The network is critical to providing intelligent connectivity within and beyond the data center, it also distinctive functionally in a secure, trusted, and ubiquitous platform. The network is the natural home for management and enforcement of policies relating to risk, performance, and cost. Only … Continue reading

Role of the Network Platform in the Cloud

Seamless access to critical data, services, resources, and pepole Core fabric connects resources within the data center and data centers to each other Pervasive connectivity links users and devices to resources and each other Identity and context based access to data service to resources and each other Identity and context based access to data services, … Continue reading

BELIEF 1: Adoption will be motivated initially by cost and agility

We expect many customers will initially adopt Cloud dramatically lower their infrastructure cost per compute or application cost per end-user, or take advantage of the new economics of IT. Cloud accommodates a range of payment options, most notably pay-per-use operating expense models. Cloud also affords customers the ability to match expense to the value of … Continue reading

KrishnaHosting Vision for Cloud

Krishnahosting envisions the next of IT ecosystem where the networked cloud transforms the way we live, work, play and learn. Our approach to Cloud to maximize customer choice and industry innovation. In concert with our partners, we provide platforms, solutions and services that leverage the network platforms to: speed time to capability and business impact; … Continue reading

Public and Virtual Private Cloud Service Provider for Enterprises

SITUATUION Many enterprise-focused service providers (SPs) have an opportunity to create higher value, differentiated service offerings. They have unique capabilities they can leverage, including customer relationships, physical assets, and operational excellence At the same time, over-the-top services (e.g. Skype-like VoIP offers) threaten traditional SP revenue streams (e.g. wireline voice) ROLE FOR CLOUD AND CLOUD-LIKE TECHNOLOGIES … Continue reading

Community Clouds within Public Sector Organization

SITUATION Governments are challenge to provide seamless, open , and transparent access to services and information while protecting security interests End-users (e.g. constituents, journalists, government analysts, law enforcement, military, intelligence analysts) need secure access to information from various medial formats, and geographies Traditionally, public sector organizations have taken a siloed approach to data management (e.g. … Continue reading

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